New Telo blocking internet access - DNS issues?

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Kevin crowe
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New Telo blocking internet access - DNS issues?

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I've owned a Telo for over 5 years and it works great. I convinced my elderly father to buy one and I installed it for him yesterday. I installed it CABLE MODEM-OOMA-ROUTER as they recommend, plus a cordless phone system. A simple install. I've done nothing with the settings in the Ooma or his router, just cabled everything together. After he registered online and we powered everything up, I got dialtone on the phone and his computer was able to get on the Internet. However after several minutes (not sure how long, as I was showing him how to use the Ooma website) his Internet access quit working. I have his modem, router and Ooma all plugged into a UPS, so I powered it off and back on to recycle the equipment. Everything was fine again. But sometime overnight he lost all of his Internet access again.It appears that the Ooma is causing DNS to stop working, so he loses Internet access on all his devices. His web browser just times out saying it cannot connect.I did a chat session with an Ooma rep and all they said is to change the setup to MODEM-ROUTER-OOMA. They had no other suggestions. I wasn't very satisfied, but if that's what I have to do I'll do it.Before I do that, what troubleshooting should I perform or actions should I take to resolve this problem? He has Time Warner cable broadband and a TP-LINK wireless router, by the way. Both have worked fine for years before I added the Ooma to the mix.

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