YAPT: Cat is pissing on everything, what to do?

Kevin crowe
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YAPT: Cat is pissing on everything, what to do?

Berichtdoor Kevin crowe » 11 jun 2018, 16:56


I got this kitty. She is a pretty good cat (I call her "cat") but she frequently pisses on everything. On my couch, my bed, my clothes, the floor. Her is a little history... When I got her she was able to use the litter box but had a problem, she only wants to shit on the EDGE of the litterbox, sometimes it makes it inside and sometimes its right on the floor. So what I did was put her litter box inside another box so if she pooped on the outside it would be easy to clean up. This is when she started pissing on stuff. Do I take the box back out and just clean up the floor around the box constantly? or Leave the box where it is and try to get her to stop pissing on things? Also she likes to take my dirty socks from where ever she can find them and drag them into the litter box. I have tried showing her where she pisses and scolding her but discipling a cat doesn't really work.

Please help

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