Paralyzed Cat Food

Kevin crowe
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Paralyzed Cat Food

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my cat was found 4 days after being gone. she was injured some how and became paralyzed from hip down. was told to put her down but i didnt because the vet said she cant feel anything- to me i didnt see the point if she cant feel pain to put her down. go figure.- so as usual the vet just tossed us aside and told me nothing on how to care for a paralyzed cat. i forcefully had her answer all the questions i had at the time in the middle of the hallway before leaving and she prescribed my cat Hills Prescription Urinary cat food "c/d". Bc one thing she said was if I had to express her bladder everyday, she is prone to stones which can cost more pain and money. so i got it and ive read the reviews and some people say it good. BUT its the ingredients thats upsetting to me. it has corn meal and chicken by product... and i think its wrong to charge so much money for crappy food. But it does have 2 main ingredients that help urinary tract/ stone issues. So here my question: Is there better cat food (prescription or non) that helps stop and prevent stones and urinary tract issues? or am i stuck feeding her fake food to prevent future surgery and pain? please give me some insight bc I found her only 2 and half weeks ago. so im very new at being a "handimommy"

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