TV Audio Dropouts

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TV Audio Dropouts

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I recently purchased a TCL 55P605 Roku TV and was running audio out from the TV to my Denon AVR 1910 receiver. I set the TV to output in the formats the receiver supports (DD and DTS), but to my dismay, I found that I experienced constant audio dropouts (every minute or so for a few seconds) no matter what content I played back on the TCL. The audio stayed synced (when it came back on, it did so in the right place). It happened in every app I tried as well as the built-in TV receiver. Strangely, some nights everything would work perfectly, but then you'd turn it on the next day and the issue would be back.
I thought it may be a bad cable so I tried replacing that, but had the same issue. Also tried the other optical audio input on the receiver but had not luck. The receiver still works fine for all other sources. I finally figured the TV was defective and took it back. I decided to try a different TCL Roku TV model that was a much cheaper and figured I would then upgrade to the recently announced TCL 2018 6 series when it comes out. I brought home the different TV yesterday and found I have the same issue.

Any help will be apprecited.

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